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Comprehensive septic service

If you want to extend the life of your property’s septic tank or you need installation for any residential or commercial property, we have a reputation for providing reliable and affordable serving in Washington and Allegheny counties.

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- Backflow preventer service

- Drain fields repair or replacement

- Grease trap pump outs

- Mound systems service

- Sewer line replacement and repair

- Sewer pipe cleaning

- Septic tank pump outs

Septic services include:

Get your site ready for construction quickly with prompt service from Sluciak Contracting Inc.


We offer flexible scheduling Monday-Friday to accommodate your busy life. If you need excavation, demolition, road grading, snow removal or sewer services give us a call today.

Dependable developing services


We are here whenever you need us. 24-hour emergency septic and sewer service is available.

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