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Affordable road grading

All residential, commercial, and municipal locations have roads and those roads require regular maintenance. A strongly built and professionally graded road will last for years to come and provide reliable transportation for your entire community.

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- Remove potholes

- Prevent potholes

- Control drainage

- Prolong road lifespan

- Winter maintenance

- Prepare for high traffic volume

- Protect your investment

Why is road grading important?

At Sluciak Contracting, Inc., it is our #1 priority to provide you with reliable workmanship and superior customer service.


For your convenience, we offer a wide selection of excavation services including demolition, septic maintenance, sewer installation, and even snow removal.

Unmatched contracting services

We have been serving Washington and Allegheny counties since 1973. When you choose us, you always enjoy competitive low rates.

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